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  • Wedding receptions trend toward the personalized

    More personal, more inventive.Those are the dominant trends in wedding receptions, experts say, in an era when brides have all the resources of the... MORE

  • Top 5 must-haves for a spring wedding

    All-important essentials for a springtime weddingFancy getting wed when the flowers start to grow and the sun starts to peep round the clouds? Spring... MORE

  • Create your dream wedding for less

    Tips and trends to create the wedding of your dreams for lessWhen it comes to the big day, you want a wedding that suits you and your fiance... MORE

  • The most forgotten details

    It's no surprise, that brides want to account for everything at their wedding. From the flowers, to her dress and makeup, to her first song, most... MORE

  • Can you have a Green wedding?

    In honor St. Patrick's Day, it is possible to have a green wedding. Not a St. Patrick's themed wedding, one that is environmentally... MORE

  • Small Wedding, Big Party?

    Have you ever thought about having the small, intimate wedding ceremony only to have a big, blowout party? Apparently, it's not as foreign as it... MORE

  • 5 Early Wedding Trends for 2013

    As we close out February, there are some trends that are emerging for 2013 weddings. Founder, Abby Larson, recently wrote a book,... MORE

  • What's old is new in Wedding Colors

    "To do then now would be retro. To do then then was very now-tro, if you will." quote from the movie "A Mighty Wind"So it seems wedding... MORE

  • Beach Weddings

    Spring is rapidly approaching and there is no doubt that beach weddings on only a few weeks away. We say this because, while the Northeast is buried... MORE

  • Ideas for the unique wedding

    As we have noted many times, couples who are planning their affairs want it to be a unique and special party. Few succeed in doing so. Many couples... MORE

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