Yes, Fall Weddings are Almost Here

April showers bring May flowers is a phrase we are all aware of. While not really a phrase, Spring engagements bring Fall weddings. That's right, those couples who were engaged earlier this year are planning their Autumn and Winter weddings. While that might sound like a ways away, there are only 6 more weeks of Spring left. We don't need a groundhog to tell us what that means: Autumn is right around the corner.

The internet is filled with many useful resources, most of them free. From Martha Stewart to Pinterest, you can literally find the inspiration you are looking for to help you plan your next great event. One of the reasons we really love Pinterest is because you get really neat ideas from people who are planning events and you are able to draw inspiration from them.

We are enclosing a few links to help you with your Fall/Autumn wedding plans.

Martha Stewart:
Pinterest (Fall Wedding Ideas):

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