3 Cute and Quirky Color Schemes for Bold Brides

For years, brides have been boldly adding bright splashes of color to their weddings. This year, brides are getting even more creative with unique color pairings that will have you looking at the color wheel in an entirely new way. Below are three fun color themes we think you should give a shot if you’re feeling adventurous!

Mint Green and Pomegranate Red

The colors are appetizing sounding enough on their own, but when paired together they are practically mouth-watering. The cool, relaxed vibe the the palest of pale greens directly offsets the high energy pinkish red and makes a great complement to any wedding involving one laid-back partner and one life-of-the-party persona.

Purple and Orange

These colors are nearly opposite one another on the color wheel, but they have red in common, which makes them strikingly beautiful together. These brave brides chose bold shades of both colors and accented them with either black or white to truly let the colors shine. We think it makes the whole affair feel almost regal, in a cool and contemporary way.

Neon and Neutrals

Indie brides everywhere are raving about neon! To balance out the bright colors (and the fact that no one color is dominant), they chose beautiful neutral shades to keep the brightness from overpowering the decor. This fun and flirty theme is perfect for free-spirited couples who enjoy offbeat activities and believe that life is almost always sunny.

Source: Beau-coup Wedding Blog
URL: http://bit.ly/YXRx0C

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